Advanced Group is the region’s historic preservation expert. If you’re looking to modernize, restore or preserve your historic home or structure, Advanced Group brings the expertise and design talents to ensure that your project adheres to all historic preservation guidelines and structural standards. 

There is no cookie-cutter approach to historic preservation – our team of craftsmen and designers understands that each historic building project is unique. Whether it’s a colonial-era saltbox home, museum, restaurant or theater, we take an approach to fully understand the customer, the structure and the relevant regulations of historic commissions and architectural review boards. We handle all permitting and approvals with these and other governing bodies.

Our construction team is local – and we understand the importance of preserving our region’s rich historic legacy and the historic significance of your building. Advanced Group integrates the full spectrum of our expertise into these complex historic renovations. Our work with historic renovations encompasses multiple disciplines, from new roofing and masonry restoration to installation of steel columns and other structural elements.

We regularly perform window and entryway restorations, restore facades to their original glory and add modern conveniences that complement the historic details. From complex upgrades that add storage features, state-of-the-art plumbing, and HVAC systems, to new kitchens, bathrooms, additions and remodels, we maintain the historic character of the structure with beautiful designs and quality craftsmanship to stand the test of time.

Historic Renovation Experience

  • Addition to historic theater
  • Integration of modern technology
  • Façade repair, preservation & restoration
  • Occupied Renovations
  • Conversion to office space
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