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Everyone deserves an upgrade to their most used rooms in their homes: the kitchen and bathroom. These rooms set the tone for your home. Often outdated, kitchens and baths lose their appeal and functionality. In certain cases, remodeling your bathroom to be handicap accessible can be an asset to keeping your loved ones at home. Additionally, giving your bathroom and kitchen a facelift can significantly impact the selling points for you home.

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Advanced Group can guide you through the process, beginning with the aesthetic focus of your kitchen, through selection of the cabinets and countertops, the floors, islands, trim work, sinks, faucet, appliances, lighting and more. Do you prefer more seating space in a kitchen, or is it storage you seek? Do you prefer serving areas or preparation stations? Are you aware of the new technology in appliances and sink designs? Knowing how you use your kitchen most will allow Advanced to combine functionally and elegance. 

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A luxury bathroom can provide comfort, durability, relaxation, and attractive appearance, whether you are looking for a “spa like” or utilitarian design. Advanced can tell you the latest trends in bathroom design. We can help you select the best cabinets, vanity, mirrors, sconces, tile, and customer shower and baths. Materials these days are changing and Advanced has extensive experience in design and construction of these rooms. 

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