Skills for complex jobs

Start at the bottom

Site work encompasses many different aspects, including clearing land, removing debris like rocks, trees and stumps, addressing potential ledge issues and meeting elevation requirements. The scope of projects includes excavating foundations, pouring concrete walls and footings, working with the utility’s companies for underground services, and facilitating with towns and Department of Transportation for sidewalks and road work as well as electrical and drainage services.

On-site experts

Handling the specifics

We have experience meeting the bonding and encroachment permitting requirements set by the state, city, and local governments. We work closely with a hand-full of civil engineers to ensure we meet elevation requirements, erosion control regulations, and wetlands compliances.  Advanced Group has the capability to complete all aspects involved with your sitework from commercial to residential site development including septic systems.

Ready to work

The long haul

We use our heavy machinery on the ground, as well as our lulls for higher work.  Advanced can move material with our hauling trucks and remove debris with our dump trucks. On-hand equipment includes multiple dumpsters, tri-axle dump trucks, payloaders, skid steers, back hoes, lulls, and tracker-trailer trucks. Advanced Group is available for outsourcing to other trucking companies or contractors in need of hauling services.

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